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Gas mixing box is designed for each costumer according to specific requirements of the involved process

  • Up to 6 gases as standard
  • Operating pressure up to 100 bar as standard
  • Flow rate is measured and controlled through high quality Mass Flow Controllers with 1% of precision and 0.1% of repeatability, equipped with compatible elastomers
  • Easy calibration for other gases
  • Control by PLC

For non-standard features and further information, please consult PID Eng&Tech

custom solutions

Catalyst Calcination System (CCS)

The CATALYST CALCINATION SYSTEM (CCS) consists of a bench scale high temperature equipment including:

  • 2 x Modbus mass flow controllers. Up to 200 Nml/min N2 (He) and 200 Nml/min H2 (standard, option of expanding to up to 3 MFC’s), Hi-Tec Bronkhorst, precision 1% FS, repeatability 0.1%, with process compatible elastomers. DIGITAL Modbus communications.
  • Provision for Additional gas fed line including shut-off and check valves
  • Shut-off valves and check-valves (Kalrez elastomer) for each gas line, and turbulent flow gas mixer.
  • 1/8” Filters at MFC inlet.
  • Reactor furnace in SS304 for tubular reactors up to 25,4 mm. OD , with radiant ceramic fiber heaters. Maximum temperature 1000ºC ± 2ºC (depending on reactor MOC). Very low thermal inertia (no overshoot) and good temperature distribution.
  • Top and bottom Adapters for two reactor sizes; 14,3 mm and 19,1 mm. OD
  • Tubular reactor is not supplied
  • Insulation box with furnace and layout tubing inside 1/8” High temperature shut-off valves inside the insulation box, installed before and after reactor
  • Layout inside the insulation box made in SS316 1/8” OD tubing. ¼” OD for exhaust gases
  • High temperature connector for thermocouple
  • Reactor temperature control. Pressure and temperature indication inside the box.
  • Automatic switch-off of gases in the event of any trouble with pressure or temperature
catalyst calcination system Catalyst Calcination System (CCS).
(it might differs from the final appearance)


Available for existing plants.
Own development Scada software


Conditioning stream system for GC

custom solutions


custom solutions

This system allows feeding different gases in liquid phase into a main process

  • Flow rate from 0.1 to 5.0 mL/min as standard , up to 130 mL/min as special configuration
  • Operating temperature from -10 to 5 ºC as standard in the pump head
  • Operating pressure up to 150 bar as standard
  • Gases such as ethane, propane, butane, carbon dioxide, ammonia…
  • Skid mounted

For non-standard features and further information, please consult PID Eng&Tech